Meet Dolores Burton on July 14 2015 from 5:00 to

7:00 pm at the Marco Island Center for the Arts,

1010 Winterberry Dr, Marco Island, FL 34145

Dolores Burton will be at the Marco Island Farmers Market to talk about owls and sign books. The new Read-a-Long DVD will be launched. Veterans Memorial Park, Marco Island until 1:00 pm.

Workshops for families to help children face the challenges of the Sunshine State Standards

Objectives of the workshop:
1.Parents and caregivers will understand how the Common Core Learning Standards differ from traditional educational standards and what this will mean for their children.

2.Parents and caregivers will understand how they can support their children at home and be more involved in the transition to Common Core.
3.Parents and caregivers will examine a toolkit of free resources to help them continue to support their children.
      To be an equal partner in the academic success of a child, a parent needs the resources to be able to “speak the same language” as the teacher. The workshop will give parents and caregivers an overview of the origin and content of the Common Core and strategies to help their children. We will discuss the differences between the Common Core and the traditional standards and the impact of the Common Core on the new assessment system.  Ways parents and caregivers can help their child succeed will conclude the workshop. Free resources to support activities that can be done at home will be presented throughout.

Helping Your Child with the Sunshine State Standards in Mathematics

Objectives of the workshop:
1.Parents and caregivers will develop an understanding of the structure and content of the Sunshine State Standards in Mathematics that their child is studying in school.
2.Parents and caregivers will learn new techniques to help their child with homework aligned with the new standards that require deep understandings as well as knowledge of the necessary steps to solve a problem.
Parents and caregivers will become familiar with free online resources that provide models of Common Core aligned solutions.
     The Common Core State Standards establish clear, consistent guidelines for what every student should know and be able to do in mathematics. This workshop will give parents and caregivers an overview of the specific mathematics content of the Common Core State Standards and the Key Shifts in Mathematics instruction called for by the Common Core. We will discuss the impact of the Common Core on the way that children do mathematics and examine activities that parents and caregivers can do at home to support their child's learning. Parents and caregivers can continue the development of their knowledge of the Common Core through the grades with a toolbox of online resources on the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics distributed at the workshop.Type your paragraph here.

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School Visits

Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing Workshops for Students
     Dr. Dolores Burton is available for school visits, as well as conference workshops and talks. She uses humor and the excitement of adventure to motivate and inspire.
     An educator for over thirty years and an author of three published books and numerous shorter works, Dolores brings to each presentation a thorough and lively knowledge of writing in a variety of ways designed to engage all students. Her focus is to infuse students with the power of imagination. One key focus of the talks is how to nourish one’s imagination and turn ideas into a manuscript.
      Dolores shares stories of her journey to develop both fictional stories and characters and non-fiction writing supported by research. The presentations ( either fiction or non- fiction) are designed to encourage conversations that answer the following questions: Where do ideas come from? How can we capture them? How do we turn them into stories?
      She encourages students to use their imagination and creativity in a structure that clearly communicates their ideas.
      Fund raising opportunities are available with deep discounts given to parent groups and schools book sales. Contact me at for more information.