International educational consultant and author, Dr. Dolores Burton, is delighted to discuss her four books. The Complete Guide to RTI: An Implementation Toolkit and  Mathematics, the Common Core, and RTI: An Integrated Approach to Teaching  in  Today's Classroom provides real life suggestions for teachers and parents. Her  first children's book, But You Don't Look Like Me! uses Borrowing Owls to teach young children that "Sometimes our best friends don't look like our other friends" .  Her new children's book on  bullying, Bully Billy is Back! The Burrowing Owls Are Worried has been released.  In it a bully changes his mind and  decides it is better to be a friend than a bully. If you want to schedule her for an event,  run a workshop in your area, buy an autographed book, or simply want to chat, please click on the contact menu item and fill out the form. She  would love to her from you!

Meet Author Dolores T. Burton

What would the future look like if every child had the opportunity to succeed?